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Single Parents. End the struggle.

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Single parents, let's talk! The reality of being a single parent is:

1. You are always busy! working a full-time job, taking kids to practice, helping with homework, and dealing with everyday life;

2. It seems like you are consumed by the needs, wishes, and wants of others. Your efforts oftentimes go unnoticed. And face it, single parents don't seem to get the credit they deserve;

3. Not to mention dealing with the frustration of an ex-spouse who is the "other" parent. This can be overwhelming at times;

4. You are the sole anchor for your children who have been thrown into turbulent seas due to no fault of their own.

5. You place your life on autopilot and pray you just don't crash.

The time to regain control has come.

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Once I focused on myself, I lost 40 pounds

Darren Wall Before and After

“I feel like a new person.  I used to feel sluggish, unattractive and unable to keep up with my kids.  That all changed.  I committed to new goals with structured workouts and a healthy nutrition plan.  I could not believe how the pounds melted off. “

This is Why This Program Is Different!

This chart breakdowns the three different levels of the VIP All Access Program.

  Budget Gold Platinum
Digital Streaming of Structured Workout Programs
30 days Supply of Premium Meal Replacement Shake
7 Piece Portion Containers/Shaker Cup
Nutrition and Eating Guide
30 day Money Back Guarantee
Access to complete online yoga retreat
One on one Goal Planning with a Personal Coach
Weekly ten minute support calls
Help with time management, and goal setting
Getting Things Done Methodology
App Based Workout Log
3 Day Accelerated Cleanse Kit
  $99 $160 $199

Every aspect of the VIP All Access Gold and Platinum Programs are tailored to you.  You will never be alone in the journey.

Darren WallAfter a long day at work I come home to cook, clean, help with the homework, take my kids to baseball or football practice and games.  With all the focus on others, it can get lonely.  You feel like it is you against the World and the World is constantly winning.

The grueling schedule leaves little time for YOU to take care of YOU.  You sometimes feel guilty taking time for yourself.

Slowly, but surely the pounds began to creep on.  One day I woke up and saw that my once athletic frame had disappeared, and was replaced by the beginning stages of beer belly and man boobs.


I decided this needed to change.  Something had to be done! I started working out at home.  I found 30 minutes a day. This 30 minutes was life-changing. I worked on my eating habits and learned to meal prep.

Now I’m healthier than ever. I have enough energy to keep up with my kids and all of the activities, and be the active father my kids deserve.

I developed this All Access VIP Program to help other single parents in the same boat as me.  I am looking for serious and motivated single parents who are ready to take control of their lives.

What’s in my VIP All Access Program for YOU?

  • Goal setting, time management;
  • Weekly accountability calls;
  • daily motivation through Facebook;
  • A supportive, positive, judgment free environment;
  • A fun structured home workout program. Workouts vary and I will help you find the perfect one for you;
  • A nutrition guide that teaches you what to eat and how much to eat along with healthy recipes;
  • 30 day supply of a super food filled with vitamins and minerals; and
  • One on one coach support.

Are you ready to change your life?

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Results are guaranteed.  If you put in the effort and you do not look and feel different within 30 days, send it all back for a full refund.  You can’t lose.

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