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F is for Fitness

f is for fitness

Welcome back to the Single Dad Zone.  In speaking to many single dads, I have found the struggles and obstacles I faced are commonplace.  I also found many resources for single moms, but few for single dads. I created the Single Dad Zone to be a place for us to share what we have learned to be better and more efficient dads.

f is for fitness

This is an A to Z series on the three core areas where I believe single dads need to focus: Mindset, Fitness and Organization.  F is for Fitness.

Fitness is truly the foundation of my life.  Fitness has helped me get through some of the toughest periods of my life.  It has given me energy to keep up with my kids.  It has also reduced the amount of down time I have due to illness.

F is for Fitness and here are the top five benefits that I get out of being fit.

  1. Stress relief
    1. When you are faced with difficult situations like a divorce or something bad at work, your body responds with anxiety and stress.  When I was going through the trials and tribulations of divorce, exercise kept me going.  It helped to alleviate some of that anxiety and stress.  
  2. Energy
    1. Small children require a lot of energy.  Before I started my fitness routine, I was always tired.  I felt burned out.  Exercise gave me a new level of energy.  I feel sharp at work and I can keep up with the kids many activities and play.
  3. Illness and injury prevention
    1. Fitness can help prevent many common obesity related diseases like diabetes, heart failure and Even cancer.  
    2. Further, by increasing muscle strength and endurance, you reduce your risk of injury.  When you are fit and bend over to pick things up or take a fall, your risk of injury is much lower. Your improved flexibility and posture with regular exercise with help prevent back pain.
  4. Self-confidence
    1. When you start to get fit, you start to feel better about yourself.  You are challenging yourself on a regular basis.  You are doing things you didn’t think possible. You’re also looking better.  When that gut goes and you start to develop some muscle tone, you become more self-confident.   It makes you feel better about dating and meeting new people.
  5. You sleep better
    1. I have found that when I exercise, by the time I’m ready for bed, I’m beat.  I sleep great throughout the night.  If you are overweight, the weight loss will reduce snoring and sleep apnea.   Just don’t exercise right before bed.  The extra adrenaline boost immediately after exercise will make it harder to fall asleep.  

f is for fitness

F is for Fitness. It is really the foundation that everything rests upon. I only listed a handful of the benefits of fitness.  When you are fit, you are ready to take on the World.  

What’s your favorite form of exercise?

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